Versatile. Creative. Light Changing.

LVL Up Imaging - A collection of the best photography tools of the highest quality. Each tool has been handpicked by some of the world's best photographers.

For Creators, By Creators

Lighting with translucents is not a new concept. In the past creating this type of lighting required large amounts of time, space, and knowledge. We developed this system after condensing a lifetime of photographic experience and trial & error. This system is a great tool for anyone who wants to create high-quality lighting with less equipment and in less space.  For photographers and cinematographers alike, we hope to improve production quality faster than ever before.

  • Setting up the LVL Up System is fast and easy. Each product utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism that stores the material in the base.

  • Twist the support rods into place, then pull the material up to the rods. Secure the top bar to the rods, then it's ready to lift!

  • All of the hardware and components used in our system are made of durable and robust materials.