The LVL UP System 2.0 Redesigned for Versatility

We've reengineered our system to have a superior durability quality and removable side plates for convenient transportation.

Why so many photographers are making the switch

The LVL Up Advantage

Maximize Profits

  • You only need one system per Photographer
  • Avoid the need of multiple sized soft boxes
  • No need for additional attachments

Save your Business time

  • Step and repeat system
  • Teach anyone to take a high quality picture in seconds
  • Build your entire set up from scratch in under 12 minutes

LVL Up Your Business

  • The ultimate product to scale your business
  • Photography Simplified
  • Maximizing efficiency but don't lose the quality


A group of professionals who use LVL Up Imaging in their everyday profession.

  • Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly is a highly accomplished and renowned professional photographer with a prestigious brand of portraiture. He has achieved numerous accolades, awards, and international recognition throughout his successful career in the industry.

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